Benacquista Farm was founded in 1996 in Campoli Appennino, in the gorgeous Val Comino, on the west border of Abruzzo National Park, in an area in which goat and sheep pasture have been economic pillars for centuries.

The typical grass present in the park creates the perfect habitat for goat pastures, for this reason the road that passes throughout  the valley is called Capranica road.

Basic breed varieties of  Goats:

Camosciata from Alps

Grey Goat from Ciociaria.

The milk we produce from these breeds is low in fats and highly digestible. Recommended also for children.

Benacquista Farm doesn’t produce only dairy products, in fact the Benacquista Bros. increased production by planting truffles trees, thus increasing its capacity of truffles, which have been collected in this area since 1800.