The Benacquista Farm follow the production of goat-milk specialties:IMG_0434

  • Classic fresh cheese
  • Medium maturity goat cheese
  • Mature goat cheese

Particularly noteworthy is the production of “Marzolina” a particular cheese from Lazio. It gets its name from the month in which the milk is taken (March and springs months in general).
This is why in 2000 our company instituted the first Slow Food safeguard in Lazio.

IMG_9882The Benacquista Farm is involved in the following activities:

  • Educational Farms
  • Food tourism

Because of the short distance between producer and vendor we keep intact our distinctive typicality of discover nature and old flavors.

Truffles are the protagonists of the products we sell.
We work with fresh truffles, creams from fine truffles and new combinations of flavors with fanciful ingredients.